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Our mission: to design intelligent mobile security robots that support humans on a daily basis

Based in Bordeaux, Running Brains Robotics is a French robotics company that manufactures the first autonomous safety robot made in France.

Running Brains Robotics is a brand of the NGX Robotics Group, founded by Jérôme Laplace, the European market leader in service robotics companies, known for its design office’s expertise in complex robotics projects.

With 15 years of expertise from the NGX Robotics group, the robotics and AI brand Running Brains Robotics, was set up to address the safety ans security  issues of industrial sites.

In 2021, Running Brains Robotics launched the GR100, the first autonomous security robot Made in France designed for inspecting installations on secure sites. It is entirely designed, produced and manufactured in France by our teams.


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Cobotics and ethical principles

We are a French robotics company that is passionate about technology, but we also believe that we have a responsibility in terms of its design.

We want the robots we design to be of service to humans and not be to their detriment. We believe that robots perform well when they are doing tedious, repetitive or dangerous tasks. The robot assists humans and provides them with clear added value.

Robot GR100 et un ingénieur sur un site énergétique

We want robots to meet the confidentiality requirements people rightly demand and to respect their private life. Our robots adhere to the GDRP when they are deployed in Europe.

We are firmly opposed to autonomous lethal systems and will never manufacture robots equipped with lethal weapons. Robots can be used on the battlefield if they are limited to surveillance, detection, mine clearance or transport missions. Beyond this, we believe that the decision to take lethal action should never be left up to an algorithm.

We want robots to help us extend our intellectual frontiers, explore new horizons and foster a world where peace, education and the environment are the key concerns.


Meet the Running Brains Robotics team

Marketing & Communication Director
Director of the robotics area
Robotics R&D engineer
Robotics R&D engineer
Robotics R&D engineer
Robotics R&D engineer
Robotics R&D engineer
Support technician
Technical director
Robotics engineer

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