Outdoor security and surveillance robot

The GR100 patrol robot ensures the security of industrial facilities, as well as the safety of field operatives.

An autonomous outdoor security robot to deter, detect and alert

People detection

The robot has a detection capacity of several dozen metres day and night.

Investigation of suspicious circumstances

Of people or vehicles that should not be on the site.

Vehicle detection and reading of registration plates

Identification of illegally parked cars and detection of potential threats.

Autonomous patrols

Planned or random, manage the robot’s missions so that its rounds are unpredictable

Real-time transfer of voice and video

When in doubt, challenge intruders directly or chat with a remote security guard.

Monitoring of strategic areas

Detection of security breaches : the robot security guard reports whether a door is open or closed...

Boost your site's security

With our outdoor security robot, you can ensure the perimetric safety of your site by:

  • Devising random patrols, which are launched automatically.
  • By challenging potential intruders via the robot’s audio and video.
  • By positioning the robot at a key place to detect people and/or vehicles while immobile.
  • By turning on the robot’s lighting or keeping it turned off. The robot can patrol undetected with all its lights off.
Specific case:

Recognition of registration plates of vehicles authorised on the site and alert in the event of a vehicle not recognised by the robot.

Autonomous detections and verifications

By using the GR100 autonomous security robot, verifications can be done remotely, limiting the risks for operators.

  •  The robot detects people and vehicles.
  • With its embedded intelligent video analysis, you can track people through several video streams.
  • The inspection robot can be remotely piloted by an operator so they can investigate the suspicious circumstance in all safety.
  • The operator can also take control of the robot to see and hear a situation.
  • Adherence to the applicable GDPR rules.
Specific case:

In the event of an intrusion, the GR100 mobile robot will automatically send an alert via mobile phone to the on-call security team. The verification can be done remotely in order to keep security officers safe, especially at night.

Additional features included


Static surveillance

Storage boxes

Random patrols

Surveillance while charging

Localisation robot autonome GR100

Reduce your response and on-call costs with robot safety

Complement your security team with the GR100 autonomous surveillance robot and cover an outdoor perimeter of several square kilometres, 24 hours a day.

Our factory robots work alongside your security teams, carrying out repetitive and tedious tasks, whatever the weather conditions and 7 days a week.
As a result, operators can devote their time to more value-added tasks, thereby reducing your on-call costs in the long term, particularly at night and weekends.

Specific case:

As a security guard cannot monitor several dozen cameras simultaneously, the robot only alerts the guard if an intrusion is detected.

Now is the time to strengthen the security of your sites and the safety of your staff!