The GR100, a robot for outdoor surveillance

The first autonomous mobile robot Made in France dedicated to the safety and security of secure sites.






Deter intruders and reduce the risks for your security guards

The aim is to complement and improve the security of your sites and facilities, while reducing the response and on-call costs that more conventional solutions may entail.

Our autonomous patrol robot acts as a deterrent, using its sensors to detect people and vehicles, and its connectivity to alert operators.

Thanks to robotic inspection, collect on-site measurements and anticipate your preventive maintenance costs

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The mobile robot ensures that your site is safe thanks to its ability to inspect your installations.

Working with your safety operators, it enables you to:

  • Increase the knowledge of your installations
  • Generate and exploit the data sent back by the robot
  • Anticipate possible failures and therefore reduce the costs of late maintenance

Enter the future of industrial security by integrating our autonomous patrol robot Made in France

Increase the security of your sites and reduce your costs with the GR100 safety autonomous robot

The GR100, a robot for outdoor surveillance

SEVESO sites

Storage warehouses

Oil and Gas


Exceptional locations

Running brains operations center

Manage your patrol robot and the data it collects from a secure interface

Whether it’s an intruder alert, information on the status of your points of interest or an identified hotspot, you can find all your data on the Running Brains Robotics CMS secure interface.

Technical characteristics of the GR100 robot

To fulfil its role as an autonomous security robot, the GR100 has technical features that give it the precision and reliability it needs to detect and prevent potential risks in the various environments in which it operates.


Schema du robot GR100
Monthly rental
Our Robot As A Service offer
4000 /month
  • Hiring of the robot
  • Autonomous robot fleet management platform
  • Software upgrades, AI and functionalities
  • 2 x 4G chips
  • Installation and training of the teams on the site
  • 24/7 support
  • Part maintenance and labour

Save on your annual security budget with our Robot As A Service offer

The mobile robot’s ROI is easy to calculate:

  •  The robot patrols completely autonomously, day and night, whatever the weather conditions.
    • The intervention costs of a of any on-call service.
  • The robot deters intrusion, theft and vandalism by patrolling.
  • The robot allows accidents to be avoided.
  • The robot can communicate with a field operative for them to carry out remote maintenance.
  • The robot proactively sends back data on points of interest measured, avoiding costly technical incidents if maintenance is delayed.

Are you planning to take the safety and security of your sites to the next level?

Discover how the first autonomous outoor security robot can effectively assist your field teams.