Industrial safety and installations inspection

Automate remote or dangerous inspections with the GR100 outdoor mobile robot.

Ensure the safety of your installations with automatic measurements

During its patrols, the GR100 robot autonomously and regularly measures predefined points of interest on a 3D map. As well as the inspection routine, it can detect a risk situation such as:

  • A malicious act.
  • A technical problem: fire outbreak, damaged extinguisher, disconnected cable, open or closed door, liquid or gas leak.

Your safety team is alerted if an abnormal value is recorded. This enables them to act quickly and avoids technical incidents or even production outages.

Inspection robot to measure, evaluate, compare and store your data

Regular, automated measurements

Determine the rules and points of interest on a mission and the GR100 will take automatic data readings.

Addition of industry-specific sensors on demand

PD sensor, gas, electromagnetic fields, temperature, gauge and noise intensity...

Remote control

You control the robot remotely, without risk, to investigate a suspicious circumstance or carry out specific measurements.

Image capture and thermal measurement

Points of interest (ToI) are photographed, and thermal measurements taken.

Alert if an abnormal value is recorded

The robot alerts you based on the rules set upstream: access rights and notifications.

Sending and centralization of the data recorded on the RB-Operations Center

Generate reliable, reproducible data directly on the RB-OC platform.

Anticipate potential failures and reduce your maintenance costs

The GR100 security robot collects reliable data and detects anomalies autonomously, thanks to its embedded algorithms. It also has HD thermal cameras.

Its ability to process images means that you can automate your facilities’ surveillance and make it more reliable.

You take a proactive approach and anticipate the maintenance of your machines and installations. This reduces your maintenance costs and saves on response costs.

Specific case:

The robot security guard can be operated remotely, for example, to investigate a suspected fire, or to take specific measurements.

Exploit the security data automatically reported by the robot

The data collected by the robot is precise and repeatable: the risks and failures are detected earlier and help you reduce your maintenance costs.

All measurements are centralised on your robot fleet management platform so that you can study the data, increase your knowledge of your facilities and generate new growth levers.

Specific case:

The data measured by the logistics robot is sent back in the form of usable and customisable graphs, which can be shared with your team.

Let the GR100 robot security guard take care of the security of your industrial facilities and automate your maintenance operations