Mobile robotics: technology & AI

We put our skills in autonomous mobile robotics at the service of our customers.

SLAM : Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Our team, composed of robotics engineers and PhDs, have over 15 years’ experience in designing algorithms for mobile robotics, whether indoor or outdoor. We have developed our own autonomous mapping, localization and navigation solution, which can be rolled out on any type of site.


From a hardware and software point of view, our robots have been designed to map their environment thanks to their various sensors (3D lidar, inertial unit, GPS antenna, etc.), and thus to know their location on a given site. They perceive their environment with a 3D map created by and for them.


To know their location, our robots will look for known reference points determined on the 3D map made beforehand. It allows them to determine where they are in real time, even if the environment is changing, with moving (people, vehicles), immobile, temporary or permanent obstacles.


Thanks to their intelligent perception of their environment, our robots navigate avoiding obstacles, recognising forbidden areas (permanent or temporary) or even travelling at a reduced speed. Their ability to perceive and interpret data means they behave consistently and safely.

Our robots are equipped with RTK GPS technology, giving them centimetre-level accuracy.

The merging of data and AI is our autonomous mobile robots’ great strength

Robot autonomy is achieved by merging data from a wide range of sensors on the robots: 3D lidar, GPS antenna, HD cameras, inertial units and other sensors, and from the many embedded AI algorithms.

More than just mapping, locating and navigating, our robots carry out business-specific tasks completely autonomously.

The GR100 outdoor mobile robots use deep neural networks that we have designed and trained.
By operating on very different sites, the robots’ deep learning system enables us to continually upgrade the software, making the robots more and more efficient.

Cybersecurity: a well identified issue

We pay particular attention to the cybersecurity of our robots, and apply a tried and tested development methodology throughout the design and operation chain.

Cybersecurity covers a broad spectrum of techniques and protocols that we have put in place to ensure a high level of security for our customers. What’s more, we undergo an annual cybersecurity audit by a third-party company.

Find out how we have integrated the skills of the best of engineers into our outdoor mobile robots