5 good reasons to use an autonomous robot for preventive maintenance at your industrial site


What if you used preventive maintenance to your competitive advantage? Preventive maintenance is a strategic consideration for any company, its purpose being to guarantee production equipment availability, make equipment more efficient and improve quality of service.

So just imagine if you could automate all “preventive maintenance” work at your site thanks to a robot. With an autonomous surveillance robot you can automate routine tasks, which are generally time-consuming and resource-intensive. Your robot will inspect your facilities on daily patrols, allowing you to take preventive action to keep your site operational.

In this article, we give you five good reasons why you should adopt an autonomous robot for preventive maintenance at your site.

1. Avoid damage to equipment and prolong the useful life of your facilities

The number one advantage of automating maintenance of your facilities, in full autonomy, is that it will prevent damage to your equipment. Autonomous maintenance robots patrol specific areas, performing actions according to a predefined scenario (remote measurements, thermal measurements, etc.). They can then generate alerts on detecting a failure or if a threshold is exceeded. Being alerted at the first signs of failure will extend the useful life of your equipment.

If you can prolong your equipment’s life, you will also postpone the need for new investment, which will save you money in the long term.

2. Detect high-risk situations

Maintenance robots do more than simply carry out routine inspections, they can automatically detect high-risk situations. For example a malicious act or a sudden technical problem (e.g. a fire, or a liquid or gas leak). The robot will deliver the information to a human who can then decide how to proceed. If a robot detects a leak without finding the source it will inform technicians, who can continue the investigation based on their own conclusions.

3. Avoid unforeseen downtime

When a piece of equipment breaks down, it can stop production. This downtime is detrimental to business, it will affect performance, costs and your brand image. When carrying out preventive maintenance at your site, you can rest assured that your business will run smoothly. Your robot will collect data regularly, frequently, and in a reproducible manner. Automated maintenance protects you from unplanned production downtime and costs associated with breakdowns and stoppage. It will increase the operational efficiency of your equipment and improve the quality of the services provided for customers.

4. Reduce maintenance costs

The sooner hardware failures are detected, the lower the maintenance costs.

Your autonomous robot will carry out routine inspection work, making you more proactive. You can carry out preventive and regular maintenance, and by automating preventive maintenance of your facilities you will reduce the budget needed for site maintenance.

5. Retrieve data on your facilities

Have you ever considered using an autonomous mobile robot to retrieve data about your facilities? A robot can provide regular data on your equipment during patrols. This offers several advantages:

  • Take proactive action and anticipate maintenance of machines and facilities
  • Improve your knowledge of your facilities
  • Avoid technical incidents
  • Save on call-out costs
  • Leverage data to create new growth drivers 

Ultimately, using an autonomous surveillance robot for preventive maintenance will improve your return on investment. It will streamline your processes, saving both time and money.

If you’re ready to integrate an autonomous surveillance robot for automated preventive maintenance at your site, you’ll want to consider the GR100 autonomous robot! The GR100 is the first robot made in France dedicated to site security and preventive maintenance.

About the GR100 preventive maintenance robot


The GR100 robot is an autonomous patrol robot. It ensures security at industrial sites and uses its patrol time to carry out preventive maintenance operations at strategic points defined upstream with your technical teams:

  • In an inspection scenario, the robot can take pictures (high-definition colour images) and remote temperature measurements (thermal camera). 
  • These images are then processed to provide usable data. The Running Brains team will work with you on designing the necessary image processing algorithms, for example to check for the presence or absence of an object, the position of a needle on a measuring tool, the presence of a liquid leak, a visual check, etc.
  • The Running Brains team can also add contextual sensors to your robot on demand, for measuring a magnetic field, gas concentration, sound levels, etc.
  • The GR100 is a Robot-as-a-Service solution. Contact us for more information!

> See the GR100

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